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Arrive at any boat ramp or lodge from Northern California to British Columbia and you’ll see some of the finest two-handed rods ever built.

Not only do these classically finished rods cast well, they also make no qualms about bringing the fight to any anadromous fish.

That is exactly the mindset we tried to replicate with the new BVK family of spey rods. With all of the crisp, responsive action of the single-hand BVK family, but with a unique touch-and-go feel all its own, this new BVK family features a rod range of 11’6,” 5-weight, a 12’8,” 6-weight, a 13’0,” 7-weight and a 13’4,” 8-weight. All rods feature our exclusive Tactical Series™ stripping guides and ultra-lightweight chromium-impregnated stripping guides. The trimmed down, reconstituted cork handle allows for ergonomic handling and durability in the wettest fishing conditions.

4-Piece Rods

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Model Length Line Wt. Action Grain Wt. Rod Wt. Pieces Price
TF 05 116 4 B 11'6" 5 Fast 200-400 6.2 oz 4 $419.95 Out of Stock
TF 06 128 4 B 12'8" 6 Fast 400-600 6.8 oz 4 $429.99 Out of Stock
TF 07 130 4 B 13'0" 7 Fast 400-650 7.2 oz 4 $439.95 Out of Stock
TF 08 134 4 B 13'4" 8 Fast 500-700 7.8 oz 4 $449.95 Out of Stock

All BVK TH rods include a case.

Two-handed Fly Line Recommendations 

TH Casting Basics 

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

“The BVK family of two-handed rods are the perfect tool for casters who prefer a faster, stiffer feel. Not only are they crisp and responsive, but they are a rod any angler should be proud to line-up and step out into a run with.” 

– Nick Conklin, Director of Two-Handed Rod Sales

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