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Almost three decades ago, Gary Loomis founded G.Loomis® and quickly attracted the attention and admiration of the world’s most discerning anglers. Throughout the evolution of carbon fiber rod design, Gary distinguished himself as the master. Using leading-edge technology and engineering, he designed tools that have defined high performance in rods.

After selling G.Loomis® in 1997 Gary dedicated his efforts into protecting and rehabilitating the fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. His devotion to the fishery helped establish Fish First (www.fishfirst.org), where he serves as President, and the Coastal Conservation Association Pacific Northwest (www.ccapnw.org), where he serves as the Chairman for Washington State.

Although Gary is no longer affiliated with G.Loomis®, his desire to “build the best rods available” remains. He has agreed to share his unparalleled design skills and understanding of modern technology and materials with Dallas, TX, based Temple Fork Outfitters to develop a new generation of affordable high-performance rods. Gary is fully committed to increasing the participation in fishing and protecting our natural resources for future generations. He believes that TFO’s affordable, high-performance approach forms a great base for this growth.


“Working with TFO allows me to put high-quality rods in the hands of potential anglers who otherwise would not have access to this kind of gear. It is these new anglers who, through their enjoyment of the sport, will help us protect our threatened fisheries.”

Gary Loomis

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