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Through his writing and teaching, Nick Curcione has earned a position as a true ambassador for the sport of fly fishing. He is gifted with a limitless passion and skill for both sharing techniques and for casting.

As a part of the Temple Fork Advisory Staff, Nick is involved in the design of our rods and related products, assists in developing casting schools and educational programs, and participates in general business planning for TFO. He is known as the Pioneer of two-hand overhead casting.

In addition to his former 35-year career as a university professor, Nick is an internationally recognized outdoor writer, instructor, lecturer and tackle consultant with more than 40 years of angling experience. Though extremely well versed in all phases of the sport, Nick is especially noted for his casting expertise and instructional clinics. He is one of the country’s leading authorities on sinking lines and shooting heads, and his knowledge of knots and rigging are held in high regard.

Nick has been on the sport fishing show circuit for more than 30 years, where he has been a featured attraction for productions like the International Sportsmen Expositions, The Great Western Fishing and Hunting Shows, Marriott’s Fly Fishing Fairs, and the Shallow Water Expositions.

His fishing travels have taken him to a variety of locales, including all the coastal waters of the continental U.S., Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, New Guinea and the South Pacific. His writing credits have been extensive, with numerous articles in local, national and international publications. Since its inception, he has been on the editorial staff of Fly Fishing Saltwaters magazine and has authored four fly fishing books, The Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing, Baja On The Fly, Tug-O-War: A Fly Fishers Game, and The Saltwater Edge: Tips and Tactics for the Fly Fisher.

Lefty summed it up nicely by saying: “He’s ethical and a real pro—everyone who knows him loves him, and he is especially revered on the West Coast. We got a terrific member for our team.”