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Consistent with the Temple Fork tradition of offering high-performance gear at an affordable price, the Prism Cast Large Arbor Reels are made from cast aluminum with a cork disc drag and one-way clutch bearing for instant drag engagement. They feature quick-change spools and easy left hand/right hand conversion.

Prism Reels & Spools

TFR PRISM 5/6Prism Cast Reel 5/6 Reel3.0"1.25"5.5 oz.100 yards/20lb./WF5F$99.95
TFR PRISM 5/6 SSPrism Cast Spare Spool 5/6Spool$46.95
TFR PRISM 7/8Prism Cast Reel 7/8 Reel3.38"1.12"5.8 oz.150 yards/20lb./WF8F$99.95
TFR PRISM 7/8 SSPrism Cast Spare Spool 7/8Spool$49.95

Large Arbor Fly Reel Care & Maintenance   

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