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TPM Pacemaker – Used Samples


When you spend 200+ days a year on the road, battling arguably the best anglers in the world, you need a rod that you can rely on. Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace, the Pacemaker series of rods offers a wide range of action and technique-specific tools for both the Elite Series angler and weekend warrior.

This 14-rod family is composed of Cliff’s favorite rod lengths and actions for both spinning and casting. The series runs from his go-to 7-foot crankbait action, for tossing his signature Black Label Tackle Ricochet squarebill crankbaits, to an 8-foot flipping stick for working thick vegetation. This series features our Tactical Series™ guides, rubberized handles for comfort and a natural cork ring split grip.

Each year TFO fishing rods are wiggled, bent, flexed and cast by anglers at shows and dealer visits. Then they come back to us and, while they aren’t new, they deserve to go fishing as much as anybody. So we check to make sure each one is in good shape and without any performance or visual defects that cause us concern. Then we back ‘em up with the TFO No-fault, Life-Time Warranty.


TPM Pacemaker Casting Bass Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt. Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionRetail
TPM CB 704-17’M
TPM CB 7105-17’10”MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM CB 745-17’4”MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM FS 807-18’XH14-301/2-21Moderate$189.95
TPM SB 705-17'MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM SB 726-17'2"H12-251/2-1 1/21Moderate$189.95
TPM SC 746-17’4’’H12-251/2-1 1/21Moderate$189.95
TPM SC 747-17’4’’XH14-301/2-21Moderate$189.95
TPM TW 6104-16’10”M
TPM WR 735-17’3’’MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM WR 736-17’3’’H12-251/2-1 1/21Fast$189.95


TPM Pacemaker Spinning Bass Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt. Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionRetail
TPM SP 6104-16’10”M8-143/16-1/21Mod-fast$189.95
TPM SP 705-17’MH8-201/4-3/41Mod-fast$189.95

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Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 1000 in
TPM Pacemaker Rods

TPM SC 747-1, TPM FS 766-1, TPM WR 735-1, TPM SB 726-1, TPM SC 747-1, TPM SP 6104-1, TPM TW 6104-1, TPM SP 705-1, TPM CB 7105-1, TPM SP 6104-1