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Looking for the ultimate in simplicity and presentation? Check out the Temple Fork Outfitters Soft Hackle Tenkara rods designed by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews.

Based on a traditional Japanese method of fishing using only a rod, line and fly, Tenkara fishing permits anglers to make precise casts and delicate presentations, and manipulate their fly with extreme ease.

Telescoping down to 20 and 20.5 inches, the Temple Fork Soft Hackle rods are perfect for the backpacking angler. The rods come with a spare tip, second section and line holder built into the rod sock to help organize your line when not in use. Available in three lengths and actions to match your favorite type of fishing.

Presentation: 5

Distance: 5
Lifting: 2

Soft Hackle Tenkara Rods

ModelClosed LengthLengthActionRetail
TF SH CUT 8620”8’6”Faster$199.95
TF SH 10620.5”10’6”Faster$224.95
TF SH 11620”11’6”Slower$224.95

Soft Hackle Tenkara Kit

Want to learn the basics of Tenkara? Veteran fly angler Larry Notley’s new book, Larry’s Tenkara 101, will teach you everything from terminology and basic set-up, to landing a fish. Pick up the Temple Fork Soft Hackle Tenkara Kit complete with line and leader and spool to get started.

TF SH KITSoft Hackle Tenkara Kit$24.95
TF SH LINESoft Hackle Tenkara Line$17.95
TF SH BOOKLarry's Tenkara 101$6.50

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