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“I refined these actions over forty years, chasing big fish both at home and across the globe.  My Big Fish series combines the best characteristics to deliver a lure with both accuracy and distance, to work the lure with authority, to solidly drive hooks home, and to handle darn near anything that swims.  In my opinion, It really doesn’t matter what species you’re after, it’s more about the lures you’re using and having a rod that’s responsive enough to make them come to life when you give them a pop or quick snap.

Big Fish rod powers are easy to understand, numbered from 1 to 4 and cover lures ranging from a ½ oz. to stuff so heavy I recommend you consult your physician before you tie one on…that’s a mighty wide range of lures.

All of my Big Fish rods are equipped with an ergonomic ComforTrigger ™, which distributes pressure from a softer surface over several fingers, rather than the single focused point of a traditional hard trigger, which can cause painful bruising and build up on the finger bone where they make contact.   Over size guides allow easy passage for all types of knots.

I chose to work with TFO when it came to produce these designs due to their long solid record of building great high performance rods offered at affordable prices.” 

Fish one and you’ll understand!

Larry Dahlberg


TFD Big Fish Casting Rods

ModelLengthPowerLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesRetail
TFD BFC 701-17'MAG 120-603/8 - 21$219.95
TFD BFC 761-27’6”MAG 120-603/8 - 22$219.95
TFD BFC 762-27'6"MAG 230-653/4 - 32$229.95
TFD BFC 763-27’6”MAG 340-801 1/4-62$229.95
TFD BFC 801-28'MAG 120-603/8 - 22$219.95
TFD BFC 802-28’MAG 230-653/4-32$229.95
TFD BFC 803-28’MAG 340-801 1/4-62$229.95
TFD BFC 862-28’6”MAG 230-653/4-32$229.95
TFD BFC 863-28’6”MAG 340-801 1/4-62$259.95
TFD BFC 864-28’6”MAG 450-10022$259.95
TFD BFC 903-29’MAG 340-801 1/4-62$259.95
TFD BFC 904-29’MAG 450-10022$279.95
TFD BFC 964-29’6”MAG 450-10022$279.95

TFD Big Fish Spinning Rods

ModelLengthPowerLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesHandle WeightRetail
TFD BFS 701-17'MAG 120-603/8 - 21$219.95
TFD BFS 761-27'6"MAG 120-603/8 - 22$219.95
TFD BFS 801-28'MAG 120-603/8 - 22$219.95

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


“They’re lightweight and well balanced, and their smooth, powerful, progressive tapers can deliver lures with pinpoint accuracy and jaw-dropping distance.”

Larry Dahlberg

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