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There are a handful of rod actions that should reside in any angler’s rod locker. We took all of the positive attributes and actions from our wildly successful Signature series and have molded them into the Professional series.

Featuring 20 models, offering everything from an 6’0” ultra-light spinning rod to a 7’6” heavy power rod, the Professional series’ classic, medium-fast action will give anglers the most efficient tool to deliver a lure. Gary’s one-piece Professional series rods are a rich matte black with matching wraps highlighted by metallic copper tipping. The rods feature a skeletal grip made from premium and burl cork that is as durable as it is attractive. Professional rods incorporate Temple Fork Outfitters’ color ID system to make sure you grab the correct rod when the action is hot.

TFG Professional Casting Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesRetail
TFG PSC 664-16’6’’M
TFG PSC 665-16’6’’MH8-173/8-11$99.95
TFG PSC 703-17’ML4-101/8-1/21$99.95
TFG PSC 704-17’M
TFG PSC 705-17’MH8-173/8-11$99.95
TFG PSC 706-17’H10-251/2-1 1/21$99.95
TFG PSC 765-17’6”MH8-173/8-11$109.95
TFG PSC 766-17’6”H10-251/2-1 1/21$109.95

TFG Professional Spinning Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesHandle TypeRetail
TFG PSS 601-16’UL2-61/32-3/161A$99.95
TFG PSS 602-16’L4-81/16-1/41A$99.95
TFG PSS 662-16’6’’L4-81/16-1/41A$99.95
TFG PSS 663-16’6’’ML4-101/8-1/21A$99.95
TFG PSS 664-16’6’’M6-121/4-3/41A$99.95
TFG PSS 702-17’L4-81/16-1/41B$99.95
TFG PSS 703-17’ML4-101/8-1/21B$99.95
TFG PSS 704-17’M6-121/4-3/41B$99.95
TFG PSS 705-17’MH8-173/8-11B$99.95
TFG PSS 763-17’6”ML4-101/8-1/21B$109.95
TFG PSS 764-17’6”M6-121/4-3/41B$109.95
TFG PSS 765-17’6”MH8-173/8-11B$109.95

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