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What does it mean to be original? For many, original means being “the first” to do something or being the mold from which copies are made. We often call these copies imitations. Temple Fork is neither a copy, nor an imitator.

For Temple Fork, being original has always been about setting the bar and creating the standard by which an angler weighs a rod’s performance against its price. And in fly fishing, we were the first to emphasize this relationship, becoming the original rod company to offer the right tools at a sound price.

Our goal at TFO is to provide our anglers tools properly fit to meet their needs, designed to last a lifetime, but won’t empty their pocketbooks. And for more than two decades this idea has led TFO to design fishing rods recognized for optimizing the balance between performance and price by focusing on:

·       High-end performance.

·       Sophisticated and elegant designs.

·       No unnecessary accouterments that add expense and cost.

Engineered to exacting standards set by some of the planet’s most legendary anglers, we manufacture each TFO fishing rod with total control over every step of the journey from initial product development through final production at our factories. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide the only full lifetime warranty in the fishing industry, as well as exceptional service and repair of our products. TFO anglers have complete confidence that if a TFO product is broken for any reason, there’s a solution to get them back on the water quickly and without hassles.

In an industry full of technobabble, we would rather articulate reality and grow the body of fishing knowledge, than dream up more myths to spread in order to sell you something you don’t need. We have never nor will we ever, sell or promote a gimmick, a fad or a fake. And we promise to never show our knowledge, rather we’re happy to share it with you instead.

The way we see it, when people love the outdoors, they take care of it. So we use fishing as a way to help protect our planet – especially the 2/3rds covered with water. The more anglers we can help create, the more conservation-minded outdoor enthusiasts there’ll be to care for the things we love and to preserve the joy that comes from being on the water.

Temple Fork assembled the world’s most accomplished, crafty anglers to design a complete line of fishing rods priced to bring more folks into the sport. Because we believe that anyone who has the fishing bug as bad as we do deserves tools properly fit to meet their needs, designed to last a lifetime, and that won’t break the bank. And in our experience, when we get people connecting with fish, they connect with nature and join us in keeping our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans thriving for the next generation.

There’s a new breed of angler out there. They’re smart. They’re passionate. And they’re fishing Temple Fork.


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