TFO Service & Repair provides quick, hassle-free solutions to get you back on the water.

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We know how awful it is to break your favorite fishing rod, reel, or accessory. TFO Service & Repair provides our anglers complete confidence that if one of our products is broken for any reason, there is a quick, hassle-free solution to get them back on the water.

Every TFO fishing rod is built with an emphasis on quality and reliability. For this reason, we test 100% of our fishing rods before they ever leave the factory. Though fishing rods do break, we work diligently to ensure that it’s not due to defects in materials and workmanship. If you believe your product broke because of a defect, please refer to Tom Kirkman’s article, Rod Failure (RodMaker Magazine). If after learning more about rod failure you still believe you have a defect, please select your rod above and choose the appropriate service option.

If a TFO product is broken or damaged due to typical wear and tear, accidents, broken or rusty guides, no problem. For a fee TFO provides thorough and timely product service and repair. For multi-piece rods, we also provide replacement sections as a fast and less costly alternative to returning your rod for service. Additionally, replacement sections can be carried as spares for travel.

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I believe I have a defective product. What should I do?

While defects in the blank are very rare, most defective rods do not make it past quality control at factory. We do understand it still could happen. Start by choosing your rod from the dropdown menu above. After hitting the Continue button, you’ll see additional information on what to do with your product.

Where do I send my rod to for service and repair?

First, fill out and print the following form:

Service & Repair Request


Mail package to the below address. Please keep your tracking information to stay in the know of when your package is delivered to our building.

Temple Fork OutfittersAttn: Parts & Service

1313 Avenue R

Grand Prairie, TX 75050



What is the Return/Exchange policy?

You can return or exchange a product purchased through TFO as long as it remains unused and in pristine condition.  Simply return it to our headquarters with a note for a return or exchange. We will then refund or credit the item. For exchanges, there will be a shipping charge to ship out the exchanged item.

I cannot find my rod model section on the website. What should I do?

Please give us a call at 214-638-9052. Even if it not listed on the website, we may still have the section needed to repair your rod.

What happens if I call and you still do not have the section I need?

We have a Service Exchange for discontinued rods that we no longer have parts for. We will provide a credit for the rod to be used towards the retail cost of the replacement rod model. We will then charge a service fee after the difference is calculated. The fee also includes shipping.

Why is my replacement section a different shade from the rest of the rod?

From some models, the original shade of color is no longer available. The section will still perform as the original shade section. If you wish to keep as uniform as possible, please contact us via phone at 214-638-9052.

I have a custom rod. Can I send it in for repair?

Yes, you can. For custom rods, we will send you a blank section and you will send back the broken section for component harvesting. If no blank sections are available, we will contact you to see if a finished section would be accommodating.

In my Pro and Pro II fly rod, why is there a gray gap in between the sections?

This is designed and manufactured intentionally with the Pro II Series. You’ll notice that there is a “gap” in the painting on the blank where the ferrules fit together. This “gap” is completely normal. Over time, the female end of a ferrule wears in and will move down the rod slightly.

We utilize a specific type of self-tightening ferrule so that when correctly assembled, there should be about 1/2 ” of gray blank exposed at the ferrule.

Although it looks a little strange, these ferrules are very effective in maintaining a positive fit and preventing lost and broken sections.

During production, the male end of the ferrule is machined to within .0001” of the female section’s ID – and at a very specific angle. This process is used by only a few rod companies because it is very labor intensive. You have to make sure you remove precisely the right amount of material to form the ferrule. Removing too much compromises the integrity of the blank. When the process is done correctly, the end result is a ferrule that gets tighter as it undergoes normal wear and tear rather than becoming loose and flying off or causing the rod to fail.

When assembling, set the alignment dots, about a quarter turn apart. Push down gently until you feel some resistance, then twist to line up the dots. This will ensure a secure fit. When removing the sections, make the reverse turn and pull apart.

The gray area will imperceptibly become smaller and smaller over time, but will never disappear completely.

Why has the service fee changed?

The cost of service and repair on fly rods had not changed over the past five years. At the same time, costs, particularly shipping costs, have increased a lot. For this reason, we were forced to raise our prices. The cost of service and repair of conventional rods went up because we now include the price of shipping. This lets us offer a flat price that we can give to folks over the phone and via website on the “Parts and Service” page.

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