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With the help of our rods, you can connect with nature, friends and family — all through a simple cast.

With the help of our community, you can connect with like-minded anglers of all skill levels. So whether you’re an expert or beginner, we encourage you to become a part of our ever-growing family. We encourage you to become a friend.


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It’s Back to Basics for Smallmouth

Tis the time of year for freshwater transition. It’s September. It’s still a bit too hot for trout, and the largemouth bass is a morning and evening proposition. However, the most willing sparring partner in early fall is not hard to find. The smallmouth bass is a viable fly-rodding option… Read more

Five Tips to Catch Flood Tide Redfish

The sun came up early. After a long drive from the North Carolina mountains to the beaches of north Florida, I was dog tired. But I got up to go fishing anyway. The allure of tailing redfish on the marsh is intoxicating. Sleep would have to wait. I arrived at… Read more

Rod Repair 101: The Basics of TFO’s Warranty Program

TFO has offered the same no-fault lifetime warranty on all its fishing rods since being founded in 1995. Today, the warranty program is a core part of our business and an area that we’re constantly working to improve, so that it represents another value-based reason to be a TFO angler.… Read more


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Temple Fork Outfitters

Congratulations to Cliff Pace for finishing strong and qualifying for 2019 Bassmaster Classic!Finished the season up today and punched my ticket to the 2019 Bassmaster Classic. Ended the tournament In 20th place, and AOY points in 25th. One of my goals every year is to make sure to qualify for the next classic. Happy to accomplish that again this year.
#Skeeterboats #yamahaoutboards Yamaha Outboards @skeeterboats #hiseas #tforods #vandmbaits #jackall #bobsmachine #mustadhooks #amphibiaeyegear #legacyconstruction #raymarine #blacklabelbalsa #fishingskirts #odyssey #elitetungsten #basselite #bassnation @hiseas Mustad
Photo Credit: B.A.S.S.
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Congratulations to Cliff Pace for finishing strong and qualifying for 2019 Bassmaster Classic!

Gary Loomis looked to cut fractions of an ounce, even stipulating two-and-a-half thread wraps beyond the foot of each guide. No extra thread or epoxy, and no extra weight. No detail was overlooked.

TFO GTS Tactical Series. Power to the angler.The answer to improving rod performance is cutting weight. Where can weight be cut without increasing the risk of rod failure? Blanks are simply sanded and l...
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Good job Collins

TGIF! Caption this photo.

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TGIF! Caption this photo.

Shop TFO apparel here: 


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"Honey, remember when I got you the flowers?"

Mans answer to shoe shopping!

A grown kid in a grown up candy shop

"I'm gonna need a bigger boat."

I like the yellow fluff...oooohhh, orange too...aaaahhh shiny...hey look! Squirrel!

My wife is gonna be pissed.

Heard the browns are on the redds...

This must be what Charlie felt like when he was in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory !!!

Dam look at what a rip-off these prices are, I'll buy online.

With some states legalizing marijuana, others have chosen to support fly fishing addicts with free fly tying supplies.

I heard that the trout were rising to spinners but I can’t decide which size roostertail to use on my 5wt

looks like a kid in a toy shop

"Take small bites and chew slow."

The look of pure eggstacy

I’ll take 3 of everything

Time for a snack

Fuhget about it, I'm going swinging!

His face says it all!

Now this should be considered a holiday!

You got any egg yarn?

“Buying one of everything”

Decisions, Decisions...

Which one?? I need a bigger cart!!

My happy place


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These rods were designed to take anglers from weekend warrior to semi-pro to pro!
🎣We're out on Caddo Lake fishing TFO Tactical Series Bass Rods. These rods were designed by Gary Loomis with our advisory staff members to find out what we co...
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There's nothing more satisfying than stalking #redfish in the #southernmarsh. #TFO shows you when, where and how to catch #tailing fish.


Our thoughts and prayers for safety go out to our friends and family in the Carolina's as Hurricane Florence steadily approaches the east coast.

Today, we take time to remember the lives lost and heroes born out of 9/11. We will never forget.

This weekend, we celebrate the life and legacy of a master fly fisherman! What are your favorite memories of him? Use #CelebrateLefty
#tfo #tforods #templefork #powertotheangler #leftykreh #flyfish #expert #lifeandlegacy #angler #fisherman #flyexpert

Bass Pro Shops will hold a celebration to honor the life and work of Lefty Kreh at their Arundel Mills store in #Maryland. The event will take place Sept. 8, and will begin at noon. https://t.co/ibn6vBx4zt via @MidCurrent #celebratelefty #fishing cc: @BassProShops @tforods

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