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While field testing the BVK series of fly rods, we realized the need for a high-performance fly reel that would not only stand up to the most rigorous fishing conditions, but also complement the exceptionally lightweight BVK rods. The BVK series of reels are machined aluminum and anodized for extreme use in fresh or saltwater. The super large arbor design gives these reels a huge line capacity and enables the angler to pick up line with incredible speed.

BVK reels have a fantastic sealed Delrin® and stainless steel drag system that will stand up to any punishment. The reels are highly ported for additional weight savings and are available in moss green.

BVK Reels & Spools

TFR BVK 0BVK 0 Large Arbor ReelReel2.75"1.0"2.1 oz50 yards/20lb/WF1F$159.95
TFR BVK 0 SSBVK 0 Spare SpoolSpool$85.00
TFR BVK IBVK I Large Arbor ReelReel3.30"1.30"4.6oz75 yards/20lb./WF4F$199.95
TFR BVK I SSBVK I Spare SpoolSpool$100.00
TFR BVK IIBVK II Large Arbor ReelReel3.75"1.30"4.9 oz200 yards/20lb./WF6F$209.95
TFR BVK II SSBVK II Spare SpoolSpool$105.00
TFR BVK IIIBVK III Large Arbor ReelReel4.10"1.30"5.2 oz205 yards/20lb./WF8F$219.95
TFR BVK III SSBVK III Spare SpoolSpool$110.00
TFR BVK III+BVK III+ Large Arbor ReelReel4.30"1.30"6.2 oz225 yards/20lb./WF10F$229.95
TFR BVK III+ SSBVK III+ Spare SpoolSpool$115.00

Large Arbor Fly Reel Care & Maintenance   

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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