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These rods are no longer in production.

For those looking to chase fish in bays and estuaries, along the surf and even near the shore, the Temple Fork Outfitters’ GIS series offers the ideal actions, configurations and durability to get the job done.

Tailing reds are no match, snook may as well stay hidden in the mangroves, stripers will be subdued and tarpon get a lesson in respect with the NEW Temple Fork Outfitters’ GIS Inshore family of rods. The 10-model family (both spinning and casting) offers the premier technique-specific actions and durability to get the job done. GIS rods are topped with Fuji® guides with Alconite® inserts and come in a vibrant aqua-blue colored blank with matching thread wraps. Although labeled as an inshore family of rods, these models feature crossover actions and casting configurations for any freshwater application.

GIS Inshore Spinning Rods

ModelLengthPowerLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionHandle TypeRetail
GIS SWS 693-16’9”ML6-121/8-1/21FastA$169.95
GIS SWS 694-16’9”M8-161/4-3/41FastA$169.95
GIS SWS 702-17'L4-101/8-3/81FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 703-17'ML6-121/8-1/21FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 704-17’M8-161/4-3/41FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 705-17’MH10-203/8-1.01FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 706-17'H12-251/5-1.51FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 793-17’9”ML6-121/8-1/21M-FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 794-17’9”M8-161/4-3/41M-FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 795-17’9”MH10-203/8-1.01M-FastB$179.95
GIS SWS 7116-17’11’’MAG H15-351.0-6.01M-FastB$199.95
GIS SWS 7117-17’11’’MAG XH20-402.0-8.01M-FastB$199.95

GIS Inshore Casting Rods

ModelLengthPowerLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionHandle TypeRetail
GIS SWC 693-16’9”ML6-121/8-1/21FastA$169.95
GIS SWC 694-16’9”M8-161/4-3/41FastA$169.95
GIS SWC 6104-16’10"M8-161/4-3/41M-FastA$169.95
GIS SWC 703-17’ML6-121/8-1/21FastB$179.95
GIS SWC 704-17’M8-161/4-3/41FastB$179.95
GIS SWC 705-17’MH8-173/8-1.01FastB$179.95
GIS SWC 734-17’3”M8-161/4-3/41FastA$179.95
GIS SWC 793-17’9”ML6-121/8-1/21M-FastB$179.95
GIS SWC 794-17’9”M8-161/4-3/41M-FastB$179.95
GIS SWC 795-17’9”MH10-203/8-1.01M-FastB$179.95

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