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With the addition of the 11-foot surf rod, Temple Fork Outfitters has a rod to handle the extremes of fishing the surf.

The 9-foot, 10-foot 6-inch and 11-foot models now feature a full rubber grip along the butt section and will accommodate both spinning and casting reels. These rods are classified as Magnum action (Fast and Stiff), with a 70/30 ferrule with reverse roll-over guides.

GIS Surf Rods

ModelLengthPowerLure Wt. (oz.)Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionHandle TypeRetail
GIS SCS 902-29'MAG L1.0 - 5.08.62MagA$239.95
GIS SCS 1065-210' 6''MAG MH2.0 - 6.09.12MagB$259.95
GIS SCS 1106-211'MAG H3.0 - 8.011.02MagC$269.95
GIS 1064-210'6"MAG M.75 - 4.011.02Mod-FastC$269.95
GIS SP 1102-211'MAG L.5 - 2.011.42Mod-FastC$269.95

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$169.95 – $199.95