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The rods you will be proud to have on the deck of your boat.

By utilizing a new proprietary scrim in conjunction with Temple Fork Outfitters’ high modulus carbon fiber, Gary was able to reduce weight and increase sensitivity without sacrificing strength.  GTS Bass blanks are tastefully polished, with a thin layer of matte clear coat to enhance the natural luster of the fibers.  Temple Fork Outfitters’ trademark Color ID Split Grip is further complemented by a two-piece reel seat and a natural cork ring split grip.  GTS rods are topped with Temple Fork Outfitters’ proprietary Tactical Series™ guides, machined stainless steel inserts that are super hard chrome anodized then swaged into a chromium-impregnated stainless frame.

The eight different models in the Bass Action family provide tools for everything from a weightless worm to crankbait applications.

Models in the 6’9” length are ideal for those who like to skip baits under docks and overhanging branches and around other on-the-water obstacles, but do not like a longer rod to interrupt their casting stroke. Both the spinning and casting models in this length serve as great tube, fluke and weightless-worm rods.

The 7’3” Medium Heavy rod may be the most versatile rod in the group, capable of handling everything from worms to jigs to lipless crankbaits.

The 7’3” Heavy rod is ideal for frogs and lighter Carolina rigs. 


GTS Bass Casting Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionRetail
GTS C694-16’9”M6-121/4-3/41Fast$159.95
GTS C695-16’9”MH8-173/8-1.01Fast$159.95
GTS C734-17’3”M6-121/4-3/41Fast$169.95
GTS C735-17’3”MH8-173/8-1.01Fast$169.95
GTS C736-17’3”H10-251/2-1 1/21Fast$169.95
GTS C737-17'3"XH14-303/8-1 1/21Fast$169.95

GTS Bass Spinning Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionRetail
GTS S694-16’9”M6-121/4-3/41Fast$159.95
GTS S734-17’3”M6-121/4-3/41Fast$169.95
GTS S735-17’3”MH8-173/8-1.01Fast$169.95

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