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There are roughly 43,000 miles of shoreline from Casco Bay to South Padre. All along this coastline, there are anglers committed to pushing the limits of light tackle; TFO’s goal was to develop a rod series engineered to compliment the leading-edge terminal tackle and lines they were using. To do this, Gary Dubiel and Rob Fordyce helped us tailor a series of rods specifically for fishing light baits with thin diameter zero-stretch super braids. The result is a rod series offering soft, fast tips and deep powerful progressive tapers which delivered better balance, crisper actions and weight reductions up to 15% versus comparable models; all of which combined, created the perfect rod for the modern inshore angler.

Handsomely finished, the non-glare sky blue blanks are fitted with premium cork grips, TFO’s exclusive skeletal reel seats and topped with Fuji® Fazlite® Corrosion Control K-Series guides.

Inshore Spinning Rods

ModelLengthPowerLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)ActionPiecesHandle TypeRetail
TAC ISS 692-16'9"L4-101/8-3/8Fast1A$159.95
TAC ISS 693-16’9”ML6-121/8-1/2Fast1A$159.95
TAC ISS 694-16’9”M8-171/4-3/4Fast1A$159.95
TAC ISS 703-17'ML6-121/8-1/2Fast1B$169.95
TAC ISS 704-17’M8-171/4-3/4Fast1B$169.95
TAC ISS 705-17’MH10-203/8-1.0Fast1B$169.95
TAC ISS 706-17'H15-301/2-1.5Fast1B$179.95
TAC ISS 763-17’6”ML6-121/8-1/2Fast1B$179.95
TAC ISS 764-17’6”M8-171/4-3/4Fast1B$199.95
TAC ISS 765-17’6”MH10-203/8-1.0Fast1B$199.95
TAC ISS 806-18’MAG H15-403/4-5Fast1C$209.95
TAC ISS 807-18’MAG XH20-502.0-8.0Fast1C$209.95

Inshore Casting Rods

ModelLengthPowerLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)ActionPiecesRetail
TAC ISC 692-16'9"L4-101/8-3/8Fast1$159.95
TAC ISC 693-16’9”ML6-121/8-1/2Fast1$159.95
TAC ISC 694-16’9”M8-171/4-3/4Fast1$159.95
TAC ISC 6104-16'10"M8-171/4-3/4Fast1$159.95

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