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Lighter, higher-performance and now large arbor – the new Temple Fork LA NXT reels are the definition of value in a fly reel. Lightweight cast aluminum, adjustable disc drag, and interchangeable spools make these reels a necessity for every freshwater angler.

NXT LA Reels & Spools

TFR NXT LA INXT LA I Reel 4/6Reel3.37"1.37"4.7 oz.$79.95
TFR NXT LA I SSNXT LA I Spare Spool 4/6Spool$39.95
TFR NXT LA IINXT LA II Reel 6/8Reel3.68"1.37"5.3 oz.$84.95
TFR NXT LA II SSNXT LA II Spare Spool 6/8Spool$41.95

Large Arbor Fly Reel Care & Maintenance   

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