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  • Bug Launcher Office Rod

    The best fly casting tool ever introduced! The Temple Fork Outfitters Office Rod enables you to practice and perfect all types of single and two-handed casts. We started with a unique practice line and leader design and reverse engineered the rod, creating a set of components that work together in perfect harmony.   This three-piece practice rod breaks down to 21.5 inches so you can take it anywhere! 
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  • Lefty Kreh Koozie, Decal & Poster Pack

    Lefty Kreh will always be a legend in the world of fishing. He was a true original and he helped TFO pioneer the concept of affordable high-performance fly rods. At Temple Fork Outfitters, we’re forever grateful for all that he gave of himself to us and our favorite sport.
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  • Linekurv Stripping Basket

    Our friends in Denmark designed the LineKurv stripping basket. It is ideal for wading, surf, boats, casting from the bank - and any environment where you need to keep shooting/running line tangle free. 
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  • Push Pole

    • Freshwater | Saltwater
    • 20'
    The TFO Push Pole is a favorite amongst saltwater and freshwater guides and anglers for targeting spooky fish on flats and shallow water.
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  • The Little Red Knot Book

    This is a comprehensive and essential reference guide for all fishermen (72 pages, over 50 knots). It includes all the best knots for new synthetic braids. Buy one or buy 24 and get a free POP display box. Fish the Original ™
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Fly Rod & Reel Cases

Single-Hand Rods

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Two-Hand Rods

  • LK Legacy Two Handed

    • Fast
    • Freshwater
    The LK Legacy TH series was designed for intermediate to advanced anglers seeking faster blanks that deliver more efficient line movement and more recovery crispness.
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  • Pro III Two Handed

    • Moderate
    • Freshwater | Saltwater
    The Pro III two-handed rod series was designed to provide new and intermediate anglers a tool with a wider sweet spot to allow casters to better feel the rod load, understand when it isn’t properly loaded, and refine the steps to properly place a fly in front of a fish. It has evolved from the previous models to offer anglers of all skill levels a casting improvement tool at an incredible value.


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  • Axiom II Switch

    • Medium
    • Saltwater | Freshwater

    This EFTTEX Best New Fly Rod, is engineered for two-hand anglers requiring optimal performance across a range of fishing techniques from a single rod. Because line weight distribution is different between “swinging flies,” “indicator fishing,” and “throwing lead,” optimizing a two-hand rod for all three techniques was previously impossible.


    Now, by combining TFO’s highest modulus materials and our proprietary Kevlar application with actions inspired by our industry-leading Deer Creek series, Axiom II breaks the code delivering the large grain windows necessary for a truly exceptional multi-technique two-handed rod.

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  • Blitz Parts

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  • Deer Creek Parts

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  • Deer Creek Switch Parts

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  • Finesse Parts

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  • Pro II

    • Moderate
    • Freshwater | Saltwater

    The Pro ll is being discontinued and has been replaced with the now available Pro lll. If you would like to still order parts for the Pro ll, please refer to the grid below to find your rod/part, or visit the Parts & Service tab.

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  • Pro III Parts

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  • Signature III Parts

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