• Taction Bass

    • Moderate-Fast to Fast
    • Freshwater

    Introducing the Taction Bass – a meticulously crafted series of tournament driven rods specifically designed by professional bass anglers. Whether you’re fishing a $100 entry fee club tournament or at Redcrest for Major League Fishing, the exceptional feel and lightweight design of the Taction Bass series is going to be a rod that you can depend on.


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  • Traveler

    • Fast
    • Freshwater | Saltwater

    Traveling with fishing rods has always been a challenge for anglers and finding a quality multi-piece conventional rod with the effortless action of your favorite one-piece rod has been impossible.

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  • Trout Panfish II

    • Fast
    • Freshwater

    From the backcountry to the dock, experience the versatility of the revamped Trout-Panfish II series. Whether you’re strategically placing micro jigs or making lifelong memories on the lake, this ultra-light series has got you covered.

    New Release / Available Now!

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  • Trout-Panfish

    • Fast
    • Freshwater

    What is it about ultralight rods? It seems no matter the age or experience of the angler, these magic little wands never fail to elicit smiles and build memories.

    On Sale

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