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Rod Harrison has battled the great gamefish with lure and fly on four oceans and the rivers and lakes of six continents. As a youngster he fished and hunted to help out with a large and none well to do family scratching a living in the Australian  outback. He continued those pursuits in a working life, firstly as a shearer travelling Australia’s vast sheep stations, then as a cop in tough city neighbourhoods. Following a high speed crash and months strung up in an orthopaedic ward he became a fishing guide, supplementing income with well-researched and entertaining writings.  

His fortunes took a turn for the better after writing Lefty a letter; in essence, inviting him down to Australia. They fished through the tropical north of the island content and in ongo-bongo New Guinea rivers for fish Lefty calls the toughest he’s encountered.

Whether saddled with a fly, cast or spin rod, Harro as he’s widely and warmly known, rates with the best. In earning the reputation he now enjoys, Rod did time on the tournament trail winning in events bass, barramundi and bluewater. Thesedays he feels fishing is contemplative rather than competitive and when not on the water engages in media activities including books, radio, television, social media, personal appearances at outdoors and fishing shows and in-store hands-on how-to.

Harro has authored six books. Those on barramundi – Australia’s premier sportfish (a close relative to snook) and his book on the evolution of fishing lines – foreword by Lefty – are the authorities in the field. Rod’s most recent, a sweeping novel soon to be released worldwide as an ebook.

As a practicioner, communicator and ambassador Rod Harrison adds quiet respect in which he’s held to the TFO brand.  

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