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Designed by Rob Fordyce for offshore “athletes” requiring optimal performance across a range of fishing techniques from a single rod that could accommodate modern super-braid lines and drag systems. The differing demands of offshore trolling, jigging and sight-casting made optimizing a rod for all three techniques previously impossible. Now, by combining TFO’s standard modulus materials with our proprietary manufacturing capability, this series delivers truly exceptional multi-technique performance. Soft, fast tips and deep powerful progressive tapers deliver excellent balance and a light feel enjoyable all day offshore.


The blanks are painted with a gorgeous midnight blue clear coat and highlighted with gloss white lettering and accents. All models use high density EVA foam fore and rear grips. Fore grips are 7” long with larger diameters perfect for fish-fighting comfort. Rear grips are rocket launcher friendly at 13” and all are equipped with anodized aluminum gimbals. Fuji® salt-water safe Concept® guides are used throughout the series.

Seahunter Spinning Rods

ModelLengthLine RatingPowerActionPiecesReel SeatRetail
SHS 70207'15-2020#M-Fast1A$229.95
SHS 70307'20-3030#M-Fast1A$229.95
SHS 66406'6"30-4040#M-Fast1A$229.95
SHS 60506'40-5050#M-Fast1B$229.95

Seahunter Casting Rods

ModelLengthLine RatingPowerActionReel SeatPiecesReel Seat TypeRetail
SHC 70207'15-2020#M-FastA1A$229.95
SHC 70307'20-3030#M-FastA1A$229.95
SHC 66406'6"30-4040#M-FastB1B$229.95
SHC 60506'40-5050#M-FastB1B$229.95

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