• Bug Launcher

    • Moderate-Fast
    • Freshwater | Saltwater

    Perfect for anglers of any age.

    Perfect For Kids

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  • Bug Launcher Kit

    Kits include a NXT II reel rigged with matching weight forward floating line, leader, and backing, all packed neatly in a rod and reel carrying case.

    Perfect For Kids

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  • Bug Launcher Office Rod

    The best fly casting tool ever introduced! The Temple Fork Outfitters Office Rod enables you to practice and perfect all types of single and two-handed casts. We started with a unique practice line and leader design and reverse engineered the rod, creating a set of components that work together in perfect harmony.


    This three-piece practice rod breaks down to 21.5 inches so you can take it anywhere! 

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  • BVK SD Reel

    We took the successful BVK series of reels, added a fully sealed drag system and didn’t raise the price one penny! Introducing the BVK SD series of reels: A fully-sealed drag system with super easy LH/RH retrieve changes and minimal maintenance. The drag system is fully sealed Delrin® and stainless-steel to keep the drag clean and functioning in rough and dirty environments. This new drag system provides a noticeably broader range of resistance.

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  • BVK SD Spare Spool

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  • Centerpin

    • Moderate
    • Freshwater

    For float anglers, there always has been a certain amount of give and take when it came to a centerpin rod. A functional, deep loading rod was necessary to successfully deliver bait, but, it needed additional length for drag-free drifts and a staunch butt section for distance hook-sets and fish fighting.

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  • Deer Creek Parts

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  • Deer Creek Switch Parts

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