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The Tactical Bass series of rods are precision fishing tools for serious anglers. Designed to match optimized rod actions and powers to specific fishing techniques, this series insures success on the water. From topwater specific, to crankbaits, to various structure and finesse actions the Tactical Bass series has it covered. And most importantly, TFO’s manufacturing capabilities and quality standards guarantee rod action consistency and durability over time.

The foundation of the Tactical Bass series are technique specific fast action blanks constructed with intermediate modulus carbon fiber material. The blanks are a natural satin clear coat finish topped with Pac Bay Minima Stainless Steel SV guides. The series includes 22 models: 18 casting in 6’9”–8’0” lengths in medium-light to extra heavy powers; and 4 spinning in 6’10”-7’3” lengths in medium-light to medium heavy powers. Componentry includes down-locking feel-through skeletal reel seats for maximum sensitivity. All rods include premium split cork grips and black EVA foam butt caps with accent rings. Every Tactical Bass series rod is designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising performance and proven durability, then we added the assurance of TFO’s no-fault lifetime warranty.

Tactical Bass Casting Rods

ModelLengthWt.(oz.)PowerColor CodeLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)Rod HandlePiecesRetail
TAC LW610TW-16’10”3.7M8-143/16-1/2A1$149.95
TAC LW 70CB-17’0”4.1M8-143/16-1/2A1$159.95
TAC LW 74CB-17'4"4.3MH8-201/4-3/4A1$159.95
TAC LW 710CB-17'10"5.3MH8-201/4-3/4A1$159.95
TAC FS 756-17'5"5.7H12-253/8-1 1/2A1$159.95
TAC FS 767-17'6"5.7XH14-301/2-2A1$169.95
TAC FS 807-18'0"5.9XH14-301/2-2A1$169.95
TAC SB 705-17'0"4.5MH8-201/4-3/4A1$159.95
TAC SB 726-17'2"5.1H12-251/2-1 1/2A1$159.95
TAC SC 746-17'4"5.2H12-251/2-1 1/2A1$159.95
TAC SC 747-17'4"5.4XH14-301/2-2A1$159.95
TAC MBR 694-16'9"3.7M8-143/16-1/2A1$149.95
TAC MBR 695-16'9"3.9MH8-201/4-3/4A1$149.95
TAC MBR 733-17'3"4.0ML4-101/16-3/8A1$159.95
TAC MBR 734-17'3"4.0M8-143/16-1/2A1$159.95
TAC MBR 735-17'3"4.1MH8-201/4-3/4A1$149.95
TAC MBR 736-17'3"4.3H12-251/2-1 1/2A1$149.95
TAC MBR 737-17'3"5.0XH14-301/2-2A1$149.95

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Tactical Bass Spinning Rods

ModelLengthWt.(oz.)PowerColor CodeLine Wt.Lure Wt. (oz.)Rod Handle PiecesRetail
TAC DSS 6103-16’10”3.7ML4-101/16-3/8B1$149.95
TAC SHS 6104-16'10"3.9M8-143/16-1/2B1$149.95
TAC MBRS 734-17'3"4.1M8-143/16-1/2B1$159.95
TAC MBRS 735-17'3"4.1MH8-201/4-3/4B1$159.95

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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