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When you spend 200+ days a year on the road, battling arguably the best anglers in the world, you need a rod that you can rely on. Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace, the Pacemaker series of rods offers a wide range of action and technique-specific tools for both the Elite Series angler and weekend warrior.

This 14-rod family is composed of Cliff’s favorite rod lengths and actions for both spinning and casting. The series runs from his go-to 7-foot crankbait action, for tossing his signature Black Label Tackle Ricochet squarebill crankbaits, to an 8-foot flipping stick for working thick vegetation. This series features our Tactical Series™ guides, rubberized handles for comfort and a natural cork ring split grip.

TPM Pacemaker Casting Bass Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt. Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionRetail
TPM TW 6104-16’10”M
TPM CB 704-17’M
TPM CB 7105-17’10”MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM CB 745-17’4”MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM FS 756-17'5"H12-253/8-11Moderate$199.95
TPM FS 807-17'6"XH14-303/8-11Moderate$199.95
TPM FS 807-18’XH14-301/2-21Moderate$189.95
TPM SB 705-17'MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM SB 726-17'2"H12-251/2-1 1/21Moderate$189.95
TPM SC 746-17’4’’H12-251/2-1 1/21Moderate$189.95
TPM SC 747-17’4’’XH14-301/2-21Moderate$189.95
TPM WR 735-17’3’’MH8-201/4-3/41Moderate$189.95
TPM WR 736-17’3’’H12-251/2-1 1/21Fast$189.95

TPM Pacemaker Spinning Bass Rods

ModelLengthPowerColor CodeLine Wt. Lure Wt. (oz.)PiecesActionRetail
TPM SP 6103-16'10"ML4-101/16-3/81Moderate$189.95
TPM SP 6104-16’10”M8-143/16-1/21Mod-fast$189.95


“We made zero compromises when designing the Pacemaker series. They’re the most perfect bass rods as far as I’m concerned.”

– Cliff Pace

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