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Introducing a new, unique and innovative training aid that makes it ridiculously easy to boost your fly casting efficiency and distance.

With just a few minutes of practice a day, fly casters can find the appropriate rod plane and hand speed to orchestrate perfect loops and be able to reach all previously untouchable water.  When the rod angle is set and consistent stroke speed is reached, anglers will hear a distinctive metallic click, providing an auditory clue to the proper forward and back-casting stroke.

The Accelerator features a durable composite cork handle and elastic rubber band for double-hauling practice.

Watch Floyd Dead demonstrate the Accelerator here.



Bug Launcher Office Rod

The best fly casting tool ever introduced! The Temple Fork Outfitters Office Rod enables you to practice and perfect all types of single and two-handed casts. We started with a unique practice line and leader design and reverse engineered the rod, creating a set of components that work together in perfect harmony.

This three-piece practice rod breaks down to 21.5 inches so you can take it anywhere! Click here to download the instructional video featuring Lefty Kreh!


ModelLengthPiecesHandle TypeRetail
TF BL OR4’10”3A$49.95

The Complete Cast (DVD + BluRay)

The definitive work on fly casting.  From basic casting skills to eliminating bad habits, The Complete Cast:  Applying Principles to Fresh and Saltwater Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski covers everything you need to take your game to the next level.  Interested?  Check out the trailer… CLICK HERE.


  More than three hours of in-depth instruction.

  More than 25 casts & techniques.

  Helpful tips & techniques that are simple and easy to apply.

  Practice tutorials & exercises that improve your casting.

  Analysis of the tailing loop and how to remedy.

  Good for all skill levels.

ItemDescriptionRetailPurchase Link
SP COMPLETEThe Complete Cast$29.95

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