Fall Salmon & Steelhead Setups – TFO Steeldriver Series

From crisp fall mornings to the freezing cold days of winter, steelhead fishing can be a grind. The combination of light rods and effortless casts of the Steeldriver series will keep you going from sun up to sundown.

The Steeldriver series was designed specifically for the angler who targets trophy sized fish – no matter what the elements bring. With nine models – seven spinning, two casting, and two Centerpin options – there’s a tool for whatever scenarios your fishery presents.

9’ Medium Heavy Fast (Spinning & Casting) // SDS 905-2 & SDC 905-2

The fall salmon migration is already well underway in the Great Lakes region, with steelhead not far off. The SDS 905-2 and SDC 905-2 are excellent tools for drift fishing beads and physically light so that you don’t get fatigued and can be on the water longer.

10’6” Medium Light Fast // “The Michigan Handle” SDM 1063-2

The Michigan Handle (SDM 1063-2) is a very popular choice for avid steelhead anglers in the Great Lakes region. The extended handle works extremely well during cold weather as it doesn’t allow you to always have your hands on the reel like a normal spinning/casting rod. The extended grip also helps balance out the rod a little bit differently as it puts more of the weight towards the back. This becomes extremely helpful when you have a hard fighting steelhead on your line.

Centerpin // 11’0” Light & 13’0” Medium Light SDP 1102-2 & SDP 1303-2

Perhaps one of the most successful ways to fish for steelhead in the conventional world is with a float rod. The extra length and fast actions of both Centerpin models (SDP 1102-2 & SDP 1303-2) within the Steeldriver series will allow you to have much longer drifts with the additional lifting power for long hook sets and to bring your fish to the net.

Explore the full Steeldriver series of spinning, casting and Centerpin rods here and at the video below.


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