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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

You’re standing at the bow, fly in one hand, rod in the other, and line stripped out at your feet. A voice behind you is calling out directions, while strategically maneuvering the boat. An uneasy...
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Blitz Moments – Bull Redfish

You’re standing at the bow, fly in one hand, rod in the other, and line stripped out at your feet. A voice behind you is calling out directions, while strategically maneuvering the boat. An uneasy mass of large redfish are cruising their way right towards you. Second chances aren’t guaranteed....

TFO Hires New Sales Reps to Cover Southeast and Midwest

Temple Fork Outfitters is pleased to announce two additions to its fly-fishing sales team: Peter Jordan of Grand Slam Group LLC and Peter Gadd of Blue Dun Sales. Having recently purchased Grand Slam Group, Tom Jindra of New Orleans, La., has hired Peter Jordan of Daphne, Ala., to represent Temple...

Trout Spey Set Ups For Beginners, Intermediate & Beyond

With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, it's time to look ahead to fall fishing. When it's time to put away the dry fly rods and the big foamy terrestrials have all but been gnawed off the hook, trout anglers should be eagerly looking for longer, lighter rods to swing for...

Blitz Moments – Tropical Flats

There’s something special about standing on a tropical flat, scanning the water for a school of bonefish or a cruising permit, and the anticipation of waiting for the right moment to make your move. Whether you’re taking your first destination saltwater fly fishing trip, or it’s just another getaway to...

Fly Fishing Destination Travel – Tips & Advice For Planning Your Trip

Spring fishing is here, with summer quickly approaching. It’s time to take advantage of all the amazing fishing opportunities both locally and domestically. Depending on where you live, you might have to wait out for snow melt, frozen lakes, before the conditions get just right, but for those that have...

TFO Rods Presents An Interview with Founder Rick Pope

Almost three decades ago, Rick Pope started Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) with the mission of getting more anglers into the sport of fishing by providing high-end performance fly rods at a fraction of the competitors. The rest is history. We recently visited Rick at his ranch in central Texas to...

Winter Fly Fishing on the Owens River

In the valley nestled between the Eastern Slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Western Slopes of the Inyo and White Mountains in Eastern California lies the Owens River. It’s headwaters begin just south of Mono Lake and then winds almost 200 miles south. While the river is probably...

Frozen Toes and Big Bows – Winter Fly Fishing For Trout

Cold air fills my lungs as I step out of the truck. The mountains couldn't be quieter; the only sound is the faint bubbles of the river some distance off. There are no tracks in the lot and it doesn't seem like anyone has been here in sometime. Days like...

Large Arbor Reel Care & Maintenance

Spool & Frame Finish Anodized aluminum reels are extremely corrosion-resistant but should be rinsed with fresh water after exposure to saltwater to help protect them. Warm water and a toothbrush can be used to dissolve any salt buildup, which may be in the reel. Anti-corrosive products such as spray polishes,...

How To Choose The Right Rod

“I want a fast-action rod that’s not too stiff…” WOW! There’s someone who knows exactly what they want in a fly rod. For most, however, it’s just not that easy when you are trying to spend your hard earned money wisely. How well a rod will cast and fight fish...

The TFO BC Big Fly – A Trip to Musky Town

The TFO BC Big Fly has earned its spot as one of my favorite fly rods. It’s been nearly a year-and-a-half since the BC Big Fly was introduced, and we’ve thoroughly put this rod through its paces in every weight. It performs exceptionally well. It was only fitting that one...

Float & Fly for River Smallmouth Bass

There is a lot of information out there on float and fly techniques for bass in the conventional fishing world. Most of those techniques are applied on lakes and reservoirs. The float and fly technique has been around the southeast for years, but river fishermen have mostly used conventional fishing...

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