Trout Spey Set Ups For Beginners, Intermediate & Beyond

With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead to fall fishing. When it’s time to put away the dry fly rods and the big foamy terrestrials have all but been gnawed off the hook, trout anglers should be eagerly looking for longer, lighter rods to swing for trout.

Having a long and light two-hander can be a lot of fun, and teach an angler a lot about seasonal holding patterns on their local trout water.

Photo: Kory Robbins

Looking to get started in trout spey?

The moderate action Pro III Two Handed (TH) is suitable for anglers of all skills levels seeking a casting improvement tool at an incredible value. This is an excellent choice for a lightweight trout spey rod, an indicator/chuck and duck style rod for the Great Lakes, or a longer rod for shooting heads and sinking lines.

Soft Hackles & Light Flies

The 02 110 4 P3 is a great trout spey rod for throwing soft hackles and light flies. Pair it with 210-240 grain Scandi head, 5’ to 8‘ intermediate tip, or long tapered leader on the NXT BLK III reel.

Small – Medium Sized Streamers

For small to medium sized streamers and multi bugger rigs, the 04 110 4 P3 is a great tool for making those big swings downstream. This rod pairs well a 270 grain Skagit head, short sink tip, or a polyleader from 5’ to 10’ long on the NXT BLK III reel.

Check out the full Pro III TH line up here.

Photo: Oliver Sutro

Have some experience with two handed casting and looking for a faster action spey rod?

The LK Legacy Two Handed (TH) is designed for the intermediate to advanced two handed caster seeking a faster blank that delivers more efficient line movement and more recovery crispness.

Late Summer/Fall Setups

When swinging flies later in the summer, before the rains come and the days become cold and short, a lighter, shorter rod can be a lot of fun.

The 06 120 4 LK is a great tool whether you are fishing scandi floating lines and more classic patterns, or throwing small-medium streamers and weighted flies. This rod will also handle multi-density tips, from T-8 to T-11.The faster, stiffer rod allows for smooth line repositioning.

Check out the full LK Legacy TH line up here.

If you want to seem more recommendations on lines to use on TFO’s two handed rods, check out this article.


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