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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

During the dog days of summer in the heat of the day, depending on the type of water you are fishing bass are going to either go deep or relate to structure and shade in...
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Swim Jig Fishing Tactics for Spring and Fall Bass Fishing

During the spring and fall, out west and on lakes across the country when the bass are shallow, TFO Ambassador Steve Lund has found that a combination of various swim jig techniques and specific jig patterns really excel. Here's how he has found success.   TARGETING THE SPAWN PERIODS EFFECTIVELY...

TFO’s Lund Celebrates Big Win at Alamo Lake

The cliché, shall we say, is true. Patience is a virtue. So is perseverance. … in life and in bass fishing. So it was with TFO ambassador Steve Lund and his partner Steven Boyce earlier this month when they won the Alamo Lake (Ariz.) leg of the Bass Junkyz series....

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