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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

As the warmer days of late March approach, ocean and bay water temperatures will begin to rise.  Bait fish such as menhaden (bunker to me), herring, silver sides, and anchovies, will set up and attract...
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White River Brown Trout on the BC Big Fly

When the dead of winter sets in and fishing seems to have come to a halt in other parts of the country, the White River in NE Arkansas is the mecca that streamer fishermen flock too. This year round fishery boasts a healthy population of browns, bows, brooks and cutthroats...

Targeting Sailfish on the Fly with Jake Jordan

I’m going into my 80th year, my 61st year working as a fishing guide, my 28th year of operating the Sailfish School in Guatemala. During these years, I’ve done everything from owning fishing lodges, worked in the industry as a sales rep for both rod and reel companies, owned a...

The Evolution of the TFO Bluewater Series with Jake Jordan

It’s the early 2000s at TFO headquarters, and founder Rick Pope and Lefty Kreh are working on a new fly rod. At the time, TFO only had three rods in their lineup: the Professional Series and Signature Series – both moderate action rods, and a versatile, fast action rod -...

A Thousand and One Tails

White coral sand, warmed by the tropical water I was casting into, engulfed my toes with each step.  The water was calm and clear. My fly landed with a soft "Ploop" and settled to the bottom ahead of a shadow.  A few quick strips and I felt the tug.  I...


As a primarily freshwater angler I could not help but feel intimidated by the salt.  A world known only to me by images. Some printed others in my mind.  [caption id="attachment_137300" align="aligncenter" width="674"] Photo: Jon Lee[/caption] For me it was the mangroves. Poling down that ragged edge, hunting. I poured...

Winter Streamer Tactics for Big Browns

Winter fishing can test your patience. Between the frozen guides and numb fingers, it leaves much to be desired. The rewards however, far outweigh the discomfort and the monotonous casting that comes with the winter season. During this time of the year, I find it easier to convince a big...