Jack Man – A Topwater Jack Crevalle Story

These gear wreckers travel in packs hunting banks and bars killing anything in their way.  Speed and noise are the triggers. The faster you go and the more you make, the better.   The fishing is intense.  Once angry enough your plug or fly will be lost in an explosion of whitewater, the drag will scream and you’ll have to fight like hell to get every inch back.  Something I’m always excited to show someone.

Speed and noise are the triggers for Jack Crevalle. The faster you go and the more you make, the better. The fishing is intense. // Photo: Eric Shaeffer

Eric showed with limited time so I ran to a bar these fish had been traveling.

On an 8′ Heavy heavy Tactical Inshore rod (TAC IS 806-1) I had rigged a big top water plug.

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

“Cast as far as you can and sweep the rod up and burn it as fast as you can and whatever happens don’t stop it.”

“What are we fishing for!?”

“The jack man”

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

His cast landed on the edge of the bar and in the first few feet of the retrieve  the plug got cleaned.

Moments later he was holding his first Crevalle. It’s sickle fins lit up bright yellow against the gold green sides.

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

” kick her back and let’s get another.”

“Alright, give me a minute.”

We made a hell of a scene until the locals dropped in on us and started hunting the bar.  We motored off watching the Dolphins make a living.

Photo: Eric Shaeffer

Words by TFO Ambassador Jon Lee (@kalamazoo_river_guide). Photos by Eric Shaeffer (@ejshaeff).

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