• Rod Case Tubes

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  • Sea-Run

    • Slow to Moderate
    • Freshwater

    Anglers that chase anadromous fish need a tool for the demanding environments and species that they pursue.


    Based off of the wildly successful STS and STC series of rods in the Signature series, the Sea-Run rods feature a similar action, but with updated components.

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  • Seahunter

    • Moderate-Fast
    • Saltwater

    The modern center console boat has transformed nearshore and offshore fishing from traditionally passive to an amazingly active, almost athletic sport. Designed by TFO National Advisor Rob Fordyce, the Tactical Seahunter series responds to this evolution with cutting edge gear to handle a range of techniques and species while remaining durable and light in hand.

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  • Signature II

    • Moderate
    • Freshwater | Saltwater

    The Signature II series rods offer the same astounding performance as the classic Signature series but with upgraded components. This is a perfect first fly rod with performance that will impress even a master fly caster.


    Signature II rods feature an anodized up-locking aluminum reel seat, AA grade cork with handsome accents, oversized stripping guides and a beautiful translucent green blank finish.

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  • Signature III

    • Moderate
    • Freshwater | Saltwater

    Let’s face it, there is still a soft spot in most anglers’ quivers for a two-piece rod. Whether you’re an occasional trout or bass angler, or you battle big river salmon and steelhead, we have an affordable, fun-to-fish rod for you.

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  • Signature III Parts

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  • Stealth

    • Fast
    • Freshwater

    The Stealth series was designed by TFO National Advisor Jason Randall specifically for European, high-stick and tight-line nymphing techniques that require drag-free drifts and ultra-sensitive strike detection.

    Euro Nymphing

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  • Steeldriver

    • Fast
    • Freshwater | Saltwater

    There’s a saying in steelhead fishing – the worse the weather, the better the fishing. When you mix extremely cold, freezing temps with the hard drive of a steelhead at the end of the line, the last thing you want to do is question the durability of your gear.

    New Release / Available Now!

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