• Tactical Bass

    • Moderate to Fast
    • Freshwater

    The Tactical Bass series of rods are precision fishing tools for serious anglers. Designed to match optimized rod actions and powers to specific fishing techniques, this series ensures maximum success on the water. From topwater, to crankbaits, to various structure and finesse actions, the Tactical Bass series has it covered. And most importantly, TFO’s manufacturing capabilities and quality standards guarantee rod action consistency and durability over time.

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  • Tactical Elite

    • Moderate to Fast
    • Freshwater

    The Tactical Elite Bass series of rods are our premier level fishing tools for tournament focused anglers. This series optimizes technique specific rod actions with performance maximizing componentry. When success equates to earning a paycheck, Tactical Elite Bass series rods do not compromise on any aspect of design, engineering, or manufacturing to guarantee anglers consistent performance and durability.

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  • Tactical Inshore

    • Fast
    • Saltwater

    The newly redesigned Tactical Inshore Series, are specialized inshore saltwater rods, built and designed for the accomplished inshore angler looking to find a series that will fit every need they have regardless of geography.


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  • Tactical Surf

    • Moderate-Fast to Fast
    • Saltwater

    The Tactical Surf series is designed for the intermediate to advanced angler and optimized for long accurate casts from the beach, that special rock or fishing pier. And because performance is critical when you reach your spot (or the top of your waders), we’ve designed the Tactical Surf series as powerful casting tools that are durable enough to handle the extremes of the surf environment but light enough to fish by hand all day without fatigue.

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  • Taction Bass

    • Moderate-Fast to Fast
    • Freshwater

    Coming This Fall |  Introducing the Taction Bass – a meticulously crafted series of tournament driven rods specifically designed by professional bass anglers. Whether you’re fishing a $100 entry fee club tournament or at Redcrest for Major League Fishing, the exceptional feel and lightweight design of the Taction Bass series is going to be a rod that you can depend on.


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  • TFO Dad Hat

    A classic. The unstructured, six panel, adjustable TFO Dad Cap.

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  • TFO Foam Trucker Hat

    Foam trucker caps are a staple that every angler must have. We decided to create one with some ‘Murican vibes. You might have seen Blane wear one similar in the Axiom ll-X video. Perfect for the Fourth of July, concerts, Olympics, smallmouth float trip…you get the idea. 

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  • TFO Hoodie

    Stay comfortable and toasty during those early starts on the water or while lounging around at home with a nice beverage. The TFO Hoodie is simply a must-have.

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