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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

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“The Best Rods Nobody Talks About!”

It’s the second week of July. ICAST 2018 is here, and Temple Fork Outfitters will be among the vendors at the world’s largest sportfishing tradeshow. TFO has participated in ICAST since the 1990s, an annual...
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It’s Time for ICAST 2018

It’s the second week of July. ICAST 2018 is here, and Temple Fork Outfitters will be among the vendors at the world’s largest sportfishing tradeshow. TFO has participated in ICAST since the 1990s, an annual event the company looks forward to every summer. “ICAST is an opportunity for TFO to...

How to Use the Inverted Loop Cast for Those Heavy Flies

Editor’s Note: This is a story by TFO Advisor Bob Clouser. It was first published in the 2014-15 edition of the Loop Newsletter. To see Bob’s story in its original form as well as gather a wealth of other fly-casting info, you can access the Journal of Fly Casting Professionals...

The Complete Cast Can Help You Become a More Complete Angler

It’s late June and getting warmer by the day, so the fishing in the North Carolina mountains has slowed to a trickle. Recent rains have filled the lakes to the brim, so our tailwater rivers are running full bore; and the mountain streams, while bulging, are a bit too warm...

A Few Father’s Day Gift Ideas from TFO

Father’s Day is almost here. Temple Fork Outfitters has you covered when it comes to gifts for dad ---- rods, reels and accessories that are sure to make him smile on his special day. See below for a handful of options. Bug Launcher Suggested retail: $89.95-$159.95 This is the perfect...

A Tip of the Hat to Anglers and Their Mothers

When the issue of women in fishing is brought up, the name Joan Wulff usually springs to mind. After all, she’s one of the premier fly casters and anglers --- male or female --- in the world, but here’s the thing that many of us gloss over when pondering women...

Another Perspective on Lefty by Rick Pope

I met Lefty Kreh back in the mid-80s on a hosted trip to Turneff Island in Belize to learn more about bonefish and fly fishing in saltwater. Flip Pallot and Mark Sosin joined us in a week of the absolute worst bonefishing trip ever --- but one that I’ll never...
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Fifteen Minutes with DUN Magazine’s Jen Ripple

Today’s topic is women in fly fishing. And there’s no better authority on that issue than DUN Magazine editor Jen Ripple. DUN's target audience is women who fly fish or want to fly fish. TFO blog editor Mike Hodge chatted with Jen about a handful of issues. Below are excerpts...

Fly Fishing for Spawning Bass: Part II

Spring has started. It’s time to dust off the fly rod, and there’s no better avenue to break in the new season than by sparring with spawning bass. We caught up with TFO supporter Greg Smith of River Hills Outfitters for a few tips on largemouth on the fly. Picking...

Recollections of Lefty and Reflections on his Legacy

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Lefty Kreh. It was nearly 30 years ago. I had just started to fly fish and was mingling with a local glad-hander at a fly-fishing show near Charlottesville, Va. A weathered looking fellow walked in wearing a pair of khakis, a chamois...

Winter is Prime Time for Redfish

I started my saltwater fly-fishing quest nearly eight years ago when I lived in Tampa, Fla. Having spent most of my life inland, I had visions of daily tailing redfish. Reality quick set in that spring. I saw a handful of fish my first few months, and that learning curve...

Why TFO’s Bob Clouser Loves Fishing for Carp

Editor's Note: I met Bob Clouser at a fly-fishing show several years ago in Crystal River, Fla. I wanted to write a story on him, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. Fortunately, Bob has ample patience and the feature turned out well. Enjoy. Bob Clouser has...

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